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RoboCup Ball Return Robot Expands Distribution With International Markets
Press Date: 9/10/2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- RoboCup, a new ball return robot that was launched at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, has announced a partnership with YES! Golf in the United Kingdom, marking increased distribution to international markets. The company has been working with international partners since its launch in January.

RoboCup is the only ball return device designed to work on every practice green with a practice or full-depth cup. When your putts drop into the hole, RoboCup's innovative design automatically shoots the ball right back to you. RoboCup runs on 4 AA batteries and will return the ball up to 14 feet, depending on green speed. A set of batteries last for 12,000 putt returns, making it a longtime golf companion. Combine it with the Caddy Cord, and even missed putts shoot back to you.

Key RoboCup Highlights:
-RoboCup saves time - with golfers not having to retrieve their balls, they can triple their practice time.
-RoboCup is the only putt return device that actually 'catapults' the ball right back to you - 14 feet or more.
-RoboCup's inventor Keith Foley has a reputation for well-engineered products, also known for the G-Clip and Line-M-Up creations.
-RoboCup saves peoples' backs - golfers avoid bending over to retrieve their own ball.
-RoboCup is affordable, at only $59.95 MSRP for both the RoboCup and Caddy Cord.

"The new RoboCup is a wonderful asset for the game of golf," says Harry Stassen, Golf Professional and Certified Master Club Fitter, Rife Putter Distributor in Benelux. Stassen says that they have been using the RoboCup in their Rife Fitting Center ever since its launch at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and they have had many positive reactions to it. "We feel that the RoboCup will help golfers with their short game and it is just such a logical combination with Rife Putters, he adds.

"Sending RoboCup overseas is a huge step for us," says Keith Foley, inventor and co-founder of RoboCup. "To have the support of these exceptional international partners is invaluable," he adds. "We believe that this is just the beginning of RoboCup becoming an established name for golf on a global level," Foley says.

Foley may be right, as the company has already established distribution in Australia, Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and now the UK. Foley will be heading to the Munich golf show to meet with these distributors and more at the end of this month.

With all of the momentum surrounding this new expansive distribution, RoboCup is positioned to become a household name in golf. For additional information surrounding RoboCup, visit www.finetunegolf.com

For additional media information, including photos and additional product information, contact Amy Yanda-Lee: amy@bohemepr.com, 303-325-3105.

About Fine Tune Golf:
Fine Tune Golf creates exceptionally engineered golf products that enhance and streamline the on-course experience for consumers and professionals. The company launched RoboCup™ at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January 2009. Fine Tune Golf is dedicated to combining innovative design with precision engineering to create high-performance tools for tour professionals and amateurs alike. Fine Tune Golf is available online and at high-end resorts, pro-shops and and golf retailers. www.finetunegolf.com

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