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RoboCup and Caddy Cord Set

Ball Return Robot

"I love the RoboCup... it's an old man's dream!" - Fred Funk, PGA Tour Player

Save Time. Practice Smart.  Introducing RoboCup™ Ball Return Robot, the only ball return device designed to work on any practice green!  Take it to the course with you to make putting practice more enjoyable.  Spend more time improving your putting and less time picking up golf balls. That's why Tour Pros use the RoboCup. It doubles or triples the number of practice putts you can take because it saves you so much time retrieving your shots, as well as, the wear and tear from bending your back. RoboCup™ is the perfect golf gift for any golfer to improve their score.

  • Returns the ball 14 feet or more, depending on green speed
  • Fits in practice or standard-depth cups
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries, which lasts for over 12,000 putt returns (batteries not included)
  • RoboCup comes in a protective molded carry case
  • Place the Caddy Cord behind the hole and even missed putts get fired back to you

The Pros know it – RoboCup™ is such an effective tool, they’re already using it on Tour practice greens.  RoboCup™ was awarded “Best New Product” at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show. 

Order the RoboCup and Caddy Cord as a set, or purchase them separately.  30 day money back guarantee.

RoboCup and Caddy Cord Set
$ 59.95 Quantity:

RoboCup Only
$ 45.00 Quantity:

Caddy Cord
$ 15.00 Quantity:

G-Clip Mini
$ 11.95

Line-M-Up Pro
$ 9.50