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RoboCup and Caddy Cord Set

"RoboCup has been great. Haven't changed the batteries yet and haven't had any problems with it 'jamming up' or anything. Everyone loves it and several people have asked about getting one. The amazing thing is how many legitimate professionals would like to have one, not just the high handicappers. It's a hit!"
- Danny Day, RIFE Putters Player Relations

"I love the RoboCup... it's an old man's dream!"
- Fred Funk, PGA Tour Player

"I really recommend the RoboCup for golf schools and lessons. For putting, after I give the instruction, I can leave the studen to work on their own as they become facinated with the RoboCup. Then they are motivated to make more putts so the ball will return to them."
- Mike Dugan, Golf Professional - Kissimmee, FL

"I wanted to take this time to say thank you for sending me your Robocup practice aid.  When you called me regarding the Robocup I viewed this as nothing more than a simple golf "gadget" but I figured I'd take a look anyway...I was wrong!  Your practice device not only helped me focus on making more putts but it eliminated the time and effort for me to retrieve the foul-balls I usually hit while practicing on the green.  I would suggest the Robocup for anyone whom is serious about improving their stroke and looking to become a better player in general.

Thank you for your time and effort; I guess now I have no reason NOT to practice tomorrow."
-Tom F. Stickney II
Director of Golf Instruction
The Club at Cordillera (Summer)
BIGHORN Golf Club (Winter)
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
Golf Digest Top 20 Teacher Under 40


"I have just about every golf gadget known to man. When I say this is the BEST GADGET that I have ever purchased, I kid you not! The divot tool alone is worth the price!"
-Rick, Pennsauken, NJ

"The G-Clip is a must for golf! How many times have you searched for your ball maker, divot tool and tees before a round in your bag or in your pockets during the round? The ease of having them right on my belt was great. I would highly recommend that every one try the G-Clip.

This is something I plan to use for a long time. I normaly have all these stuffed into my pocket but with this it is really great and very easy to use. Thank you for a great golf tool."
-Rick M., Mt. Airy, MD

"...I used it for two rounds and was sold on it. I found it very convenient to use. It can be worn either front or back. It did not hinder my swing at all. The velcro glove holder to my surprise was very secure. The ball marker holder was tremendous and secure. The tee holders also saved a trip back to the cart for another, and the divot tool was very handy. All in all these tools were in order so that it saved time of fumbling and searching for them. I was very pleased with the performance the G-Clip. I think it would be a wonderful gift to any golfer male or female. The G-Clip is also an ideal item for tournament gift bags."
-Roy D.

"As a Floridian I couldn't agree with you more...it is very inconvenient to try and retrieve ball markers, tees, etc. from your pocket when you play golf in the heat and humidity we deal with.. your tool is a welcome addition !!"
-Kevin B., Port St. Lucie, FL

Line-M-Up Pro

"...Best thing I ever bought! Instructor said I had a dominant eye. The Line-M-up fixed all my alignment problems. I hardly ever 3-putt anymore."
-Joseph, Edison, NJ

"... I sent a few off to the top players already. I called them and they can hardly wait for them. It really helps line up your putt. One player at Oakmont said it's like cheating..."
-Cherie, Futures Tour Player

"I have been using the Line-M-up putting aid for over a month. I have always had difficulty with 3 to 8 footers. Since using the tool, my average putts have dropped 2 to 3 strokes per round. Using the tool to line up my putts, I initially felt that the putts were lined up offline when standing over them. But I trusted the Line-M-Up "line" and starting making these testy putts. What I realized is that over time, I had conditioned myself to misread putts standing over them. Over the past month, using the tool, I have been conditioning my mind's eye to read these putts properly.

Several of my friends scoffed when I first started using this device. Now they are asking me where I got it. Thanks."
-Jim,Naperville, IL

"I am a brand new golfer. I live in Colebrook. N.H. I took up the game this July to play with my two sons. I saw your ad in a golf magazine and bought two Line-M-Ups (One for each of the boys) I think it has helped my game, and theirs as well. As I say I am brand new to golf. My handicap started the year at 40, and by the end of the year... it was lowered to 26. To test the Line-M-up tool, I had plenty of putting contests. I played Line-M-up versus a non-marked ball. The Line-M-up ball won every time!! I have found putting to be a combination of speed and direction. With the Line-M-Up, I now know that my direction is right. Now all I have to worry about is speed. Thanks,"
-Rob, Colebrook, NH

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